Ex-Plosion – Red October

“Red October” impresses by it’s eclectic style. Sounds of progressive, psychedelic and techno trance were put together in this single. Among the genre variety, Ex-Plosion used the unique recording of Vladimir Lenin‘s speech to give originality to this release. The single was supported by such big djs as Roger SanchezDeep Dish, Andy MoorDJ VibeJudge Jules, and The Flash Brothers to name a few.


#1 – Psy Trance Singles Chart (JunoDownload.com)
#1 – Electronic Release Of The Week (Songo.hu)
#2 – Psy Trance Top 100 (IbizaDanceClub.com)
#5 – Download Chart Top 50 (Masspool Digital)
#7 – Download Chart Top 50 (Masspool DJ Association)
#8 – Psy Trance Top 100 (Audiojelly)


Roger Sanchez (USA): Like the progressive mix. I will test it.

Dubfire / Deep Dish (USA): Excellent, 10/10.

Gabriel Robella (USA): I like the Progressive Mix. I will play in my radioshows.

James ‘Trek-E’ Smith (Canada): Love the vibe of the Psychedelic mix. Great deep vibe. Killer break down and build. Will play out for sure.

Andy Moor (UK): Love the old skool feel of the progressive mix!

Dean Facer (UK): Will certainly play the Progressive Mix. Yet more quality music coming out from Russia.

Mixin’ Mark (USA): Nice Release! 10/10!

Judge Jules (UK): “Good. Going to download in full length!”

DJ Vibe (Portugal): Favorite mix is progressive. Thanks!

The Flash Brothers (Israel): Nice progressive track. Good luck!

Sascia Cardingali (Italy): The sound is very good, I prefer the psychedelic and progressive mixes.

Gene DJ (Italy): Old style progressive, good rhythm, not bad!

DJ Amore (Australia): Sounding quite good!

Bela En (Czech Republic): I like the sound similar to Binary Finary and fact about the Lenin speech.

Kosmas Epsilon (Greece): Driving melodic progger!

JD Turbine (USA): A bit too trancy for my style but I think that the Psychedelic remix could work during a summer outdoor set. Like the Progressive mix too, it’s melodic and catchy.

Alexsed (USA): I liked progressive and psy versions! The beginning of psy mix remind me the sound of Jean-Michel Jarre.

Paul Kershaw / Atlantis (UK): “Good groove on progressive mix!”

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