Ex-Plosion – Caribbean Crisis

“Caribbean Crisis” is a 3-track release coming from Ex-Plosion and released on Swedish Sharktone Recordings label. This track has a solid groove to it and fits club environment spot on! Remixes in different flavors from Herke and Tony Palmer give the final touch to the release. Supported by many good djs, such as Liam Shachar (Perfecto), Miss Nine (Vonyc Sessions), Liluca (Anjunabeats), DJ Yura (Intelligent Sound), Darin Epsilon and many more, “Caribbean Crisis” will take you on a pleasant progressive journey with a splash of electro trance!


Liam Shachar (Israel): Love it! 10/10!

Darin Epsilon (USA): Very nice groove in the Herke remix, powerful track for the dancefloor. Love that crazy buildup!

Jay Kaufman (Canada): There’s a lot of elements that I really appreciate from the original. It’s tough and the bassline is fantastic..

DJ Yura (Russia): Nice. I like it!

DJ Boyko (Russia): Played in radioshow.

Liluca (Columbia): Energy sound! Great synths and great groove.

Maurizio Saez (USA): Good tracks on this EP, just like the fact that it’s not too “trancy” but has the synths that’s used in trance.

Slash_DX (Kazakhstan): Massive dynamics of this EP brings energy! 10/10!

Miss Nine (Netherlands): I like Herke’s mix.

Ed Flow (Spain): Nice progressive release. I’m a house man so obviously the Herkes Caribbean Cruise did it more for me, but the other two mixes (especially the Original) are sounding strong and upbeat.

Michael F. (Germany): Cool beat and strong remix by Tony Palmer! Good prog. trancer!

DSL (Denmark): Nice trancey stuff. All three versions should work well on the floor.

Orly Aycart (USA): Very melodic definitely something to play at a club.

Seahawk (Republic of Belarus): Good trance release!

Coonal (India): Original is good.

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One Comment on “Ex-Plosion – Caribbean Crisis”

  1. Sebastian October 4, 2009 at 7:52 am #

    Hi Laslo! Fantastic tune!!! Congratulations!
    Keep on like this!
    Sebastian (Poland)

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