“Flashback” 2016 (Album-Compilation)

New album! The very best and new tracks of Ex-Plosion. Trance & Progressive House compositions including such hit-singles as “Ever Wonder” with Marcie, “Intimacy” featuring Tiff Lacey and “Addicted” with Molly Bancroft. The best of house and trance. Enjoy!

Ex-Plosion – Flashback (Full Album) is available on YouTube:

01 Ex-Plosion feat. Marcie – Ever Wonder (Radio Mix) 00:00
02 Ex-Plosion feat. Tiff Lacey – Intimacy (Radio Mix) 03:29
03 Ex-Plosion – Essentia (Radio Mix) 07:32
04 Ex-Plosion vs. Fergie & Sadrian – Caravan (Radio Mix) 11:39
05 Ex-Plosion feat. Molly – Addicted (A.Bertolini & Vanshock Radio Mix) 15:36
06 Ex-Plosion vs. Thiago Bachet – Arbat (Radio Mix) [OST Мажор 2] 19:47
07 Ex-Plosion – I Have A Dream (Radio Mix) 22:47
08 Ex-Plosion feat. Szloboda – I Can’t Stop (D-Force Radio Mix) 25:51
09 Ex-Plosion – Originada (Radio Mix) 28:23
Bonus-Track: 10 Ex-Plosion – Until I Got U (Ibiza House Mix) 32:08

Support new single “Ever Wonder”:
Apple iTunes: https://goo.gl/hyjJU7
Google Play: https://goo.gl/MBwRNw


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