Ex-Plosion vs. Fergie & Sadrian – Caravan

The single called “Caravan” was co-produced together with Argentina’s biggest talents Fergie & Sadrian and incl. 2 pure trance and progressive versions. Traditional Balkan voices will take you through the mountains and rivers so you could find yourself somewhere in Eastern Europe. Have a nice trip!


Suzy Solar (USA): Awesome trance mix!

Andre Visior (Germany): Supporting.

Ferry Tayle (France): Thanks for sending!

Matt Handy (UK): Both mixes are nice! Like the vocals, thanks!

Franco Bianco (Argentina): Great one! Full support as always.

Paul Nova (Agrentina): Nice song.

Mark Abor (Poland): Supporting original mix.

George Vemag (Greece): Support on the Original mix. Great atmosphere!

Alexsed (USA): Supporting trance mix!

DJ Cesar (Mexico): Trance mix sounds massive.

Allex (Slovakia): Very nice, very well known sound of Ex-Plosion ! Support original mix

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Great work guys.

Robbie Lock (UK): Loving the trance mix

El-Jay (Netherlands): I go for the Trance mix. Likes it very much.

Dan Slipper (UK): Loving the Trance mix!

Neil Moore / Heaven’s Gate (UK): Support.

Roman Alexandrov / DFM (Russia): Original for me! Thanks

Lazer FM Chicago (USA): Nice pairing, well done.

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One Comment on “Ex-Plosion vs. Fergie & Sadrian – Caravan”

  1. Manie January 31, 2015 at 10:46 pm #

    Very good track and video! Much love!!!

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