Ex-Plosion & Darren Barley – Stronger Than Love

“Stronger Than Love” is brand new release by Ex-plosion and Darren Barley. It include anthemic radio mix and bigroom remix from Thiago Bachet. This special tune is dedicated to the Soviet Recordings anniversary compilation which will include the best radio singles from 2009 to 2015. Someone said that love lasts three years, but Soviets are still on the case. It’s Stronger Than Love! 


Sergio Matina (Italy): Nice work!

Rafael Osmo (Israel): Thank you very much, 10/10 for Thiago Bachet remix.

Psychowsky (Greece): Wow! What a headbanger! 10/10 from me!

Gary Cannavo (USA): Nice piece of work, will spin at the club!

Dezz (Malaysia): Nice work! Thanks!

Lee Campbell (UK): Nice track, 9/10!

Perrelli & Mankoff (UK): Supporting Thiago Bachet remix!

OzzyXPM (Turkey): Cool stuff, will test out.

Robert Gitelman (Israel): Good job!

Franco Bianco (Argentina): Great release!

Atrium Sun (Russia): Supporting Thiago Bachet remix, thanks!

NanoCore (Germany): Nice stuff. Full support.

Neil Moore (Heaven’s Gate) (UK): Supporting, thanks.


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