Ex-Plosion & Molly – Addicted

Ex-Plosion is back on Kult Records after his hit single with Tiff Lacey entitled “Intimacy”. This time he’s back with Molly Bancroft who burst into the scene with Gabriel & Dresden back in the mid 2000’s. She’s been doing quality vocals and being remixed by the biggest names in the industry including Deadmau5. Her deep Indie Rock style voice commands attention plus hypnotizes you with great hooks running through the track. Molly’s lyrics will stick in your head and haunt your nights! Release includes outstanding remixes by Andrea Bertolini & Vanshock, Peter Kontor, Kult Of Krameria, Szeifert & Krash and Timothy Allan.


David Vendetta (France): Kult Of Krameria remix is interesting.

Markus Schulz (USA): Cool, will try it, thanks!

Giuseppe Ottaviani (Italy): Supporting Peter Kontor remix, thanks.

Judge Jules (UK): Nice track, I like it! 10/10!

Pedro Del Mar (Germany): Timothy Allan remix is best for me!

Kyau & Albert (Germany): Thanks, sounds nice so far!

Ali Wilson (UK): Solid!

DJ Vibe (Portugal): Full support! Kult of Krameria remix is my favourite. Thanks!

David Amo & Julio Navas (Spain): Andrea Bertolini remix works for us.

Gai Barone (Italy): Supporting Bertolini remix, thanks!

Spartaque (Ukraine): Full support, 10/10!

Eddie Sender (Slovakia): Support, will try Andrea Bertolini & Vanshock remix!

Clubworxx (Germany): Kult Of Krameria remix is great! Will play.

Niki Belucci (Hungary): Cool one!

Kenneth Thomas (UK): Love this! Great vocal. Always a fan of Molly and this is great as par for her.

Noel Sanger (USA): Molly is just great. Love it.

Cevin Fisher (USA): Love , love , love this. Full support, 10/10!

Michael Patterson (UK): Nice track, supporting.

Maarten de Jong (Netherlands): Kult Of Krameria remix is cool.

The Flash Brothers (Israel): Nice, supporting.

Suzy Solar (USA): The pack is great! I’m especially digging the Peter Kontor remix.

M.Pravda (Russia): Amazing track! Just what I need it at the moment, thanks a lot! Will play on radio, 10/10.

Anna Lee (Ukraine): Support!

DJ Mixon (Russia): Supporting Andrea Bertolini & Vanshock remix, thanks.

JD Miller (UK): Andrea Bertolini & Vanshock remix rocks!

Sergio Matina (Italy): Kult Of Krameria Remix for me!

Stereofunk (UK): Wooooah love this, great package! Respect! 10/10!

Mike Saint-Jules (USA): Timothy Allan mix is the best one in the package for me.

Adam Meza (USA): Great stuff here. Really loving Peter Kontor’s remix!

Alessandro Schiffer (Italy): Good, I prefer Peter Kontor Remix.

Alex Moreno (Sweden): Timothy Remix is amazing!

Franco Bianco (Argentina): Thanks for the music! This release is great!

Alex Outram (UK): Like it – decent tune, will support.

Stevie Pearson (UK): Nice track, I like the remix from Mr.Allan going to drop this all over, 10/10!

Trent McDermott (Australia): Timothy’s remix is cool!

Argento (Greece): Great great mixes all of them, but Kult Of Krameria is simply the best.

Bruno Kauffmann (France): Full support on Timothy Allan Remix.

Carlos Kinn (Spain): Nice underground vibe.

Dave Cannalte (USA): Sultry vocals, nice set of mixes. Will definitely play.

Roby K (Hungary): Very nice remix by Peter Kontor.

Anton Sever (Ukraine): Andrea Bertolini remix is nice for commercial clubs.

Dandolion (UK): Love the vocals, makes this a powerful track.

David Beard (USA): Timothy Allan Remix is very nice.

DJ Danny Rose (UK): Superb vocal!

Splashfunk (Italy): Kult Of Krameria remix is my favourite.

Paul Goodyear (USA): Love, love, love “Addicted (To Your Lies)”. I have a spot for these mixes in my sets. great for some of the leather parties I do. 10/10.

Stuart Donaghy (UK): Liking Timothy Allan mix out of them all.

Paul Jacobson (UK): Andrea Bertolini & Vanshock remix is very nice.

Ian Ford (USA): I like them both very much, and for big floors late night I’ll be playing the Kult of Krameria Remix for sure.

El-Florez (UK): Timothy Allan Mix smashes it. Very eerie vocals on top of a big b-line. Win!

Mommy Rocks (UK): Great promo, will support. I like the Andrea Bertolini & Vanshock mix, plus the Peter Kontor and the Timothy Allan! Going to give these a spin. Overall 10/10.

Tony Key (Russia): Sexy! 10/10!

Mitya Gross (Russia): Awesome! Will download!

Artem Neba (Ukraine): Thanx! Good remix by Timothy Allan Remix!

Robert Gitelman (Israel): Massive!

Guy Scheiman (Israel): Love this release.

Sam LaBelle (USA): Really like this project. Molly’s vocals are nice and ethereal. I like the way Kult Of Krameria punches up the remix the way they always do.

Allex (Slovakia): Very nice remixes! Kult Of Krameria remix is for me!

Yuriy From Russia (Russia): Good release! nice vocal stuff, 9/10!

REZarin (Latvia): Kult Of Krameria & Timothy Allan are my favorites here.


Kiss FM (Ukraine): Thanks, 9/10.

Sine FM (UK): Supporting this track and will play it on Flying High vocal trance radio show, 10/10.

Mixadance Radio (Russia): Interesting Tracks, 8/10.


Beatsmedia (UK): Stunning stuff!

DJ Forum (Italy): Good music for dancefloor, 7/10.

Starfleet Music Pool (USA): Nice song, hot mixes with sultry vocals.

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