Tartarus & Michelle Hutcheson – Beyond The Rainbow (Ex-Plosion Remix)

“Beyond The Rainbow” is a collaboration between trance duo Tartarus (a.k.a. Ben Hennessy and Brian Neal) and Michelle Hutcheson, talanted singer and songwriter from Scotland. Release incl. remixes from Fergie & Sadrian, Trancelicious and Robbie Lock, Tony Palmer, Taranhawk and Ex-Plosion.


Armada Recommended Trance Release
Platinum Auddy™ Award for Ex-plosion Remix
Armada House Top 10
Armada Hard Dance Top 10
Audiojelly Hard Dance Top 5


Bobina (Russia): Fergie & Sadrian Remix is okay! 8.5/10.

Markus Schulz (USA): Will try. Thanks!

Steve Birch (UK): Ex-Plosion remix sounds cool.

DJ Vibe (Portugal): Thanks! Support.

Denis A (Russia): Great tunes! Thanks.

Matamar (Czech Republic): Fergie & Sadrian and Tony Palmer mixes are the best, will support one of these remixes in our radioshow !

Suzy Solar (USA): Planning to support Tony Palmer mix.

Magnetic Brothers (Russia): Nice package. Favourite is Ex-plosion Remix. Thnx! 10/10.

Alexsed (USA): Very good track guys with solid voice from Michelle! Mixes from Robbie Lock, Ex-Plosion, and Tony Palmer are my choice! Overall – 9.5! Will support it for sure!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Will play Taranhawk remix during January, Merry X-Mass & beautiful 2011!

Gary Cannavo (Masspool DJ Association) (USA): These will work for us, we’ll get right on it! Ex-Plosion Remix is the best.

Magnus Johansson (Sweden): Ex-Plosion radio mix will get some attention.

Maurizio Santi (Italy): Move the people to the dancefloor.

Bryant S Littlejohn (USA): Very good Ex-Plosion remix! More More More!

Dan Rotta (USA): Really liked the vocalist and sound combination of Ex-Plosion mix.

Derek Harri (Canada): Solid Ex-Plosion remix, great beats!

Moudy (Lebanon): Excellent productions! 10/10!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good, energy tracks!

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Excellent production and great remixes! 10/10.

Wally (Egypt): This is such a great EP! It was hard to choose a favourite but i’ll support it for sure! 10/10!

Hassan Rassmy (Egypt): Great remix.

Mert Onat (Turkey): Favourite is Tony Palmer remix. Good stuff! Excellent Fergie & Sadrian remix and Taranhawk remix is good too.

Plathysma (Turkey): Nice pack. Thanks!

Semih Karakas (Turkey): Yeaaah. I love Tony Palmer remix. Best remix for me. Full support for it! Also supporting attack Ex-Plosion remix and nice Fergie & Sadrian mix. Great vocal!

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Great release! 10/10!

Vocalist Day (Russia): Good Tony Palmer remix!

ProgressiveHouseWorldwide.com: Cool stuff, Tony Palmer Mix sounds like something for us. Thanks for sending!

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