Adrian West – Army Of Mine (Ex-Plosion Remix)

“Army Of Mine” is a debut release from Adrian West, young and very talanted trance producer from Ireland. It includes anthemic original mix, catchy tech-trance Trancelicious mix and also progressive trance remix by Ex-Plosion. Release was supported by Andre Visior, Andrea Mazza, John Gibbons, Tempo Giusto, Luke Terry, Electribe, and many more.


Andre Visior (Germany): 7/10, will support.

John Gibbons (Ireland): I’ll definately be supporting!

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Supporting.

Aled Mann (UK): Great track!

Gary Proud (UK): Loving Army of Mine, I’ll definately be playing this out, top work!

Electribe (Czech Republic): Ex-Plosion remix sounds pretty good.

Alexsed (USA): Great energetic “proggy” original mix with nice melody built-in. Trancelicious remix could easy be a part of any tribal sets, Ex-Plosion’s remix brings you back to an old-school classic trance sound flavored with today’s riffs! Overall 9/10. Will support!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good proggy trance tunes. My prefer remix is Trancelicious remix, a little bit harder. Very good job guys. Congratulations!

Kudesnik & PriSe (Russia): Nice! We’ll support the original mix.

Allex (Slovakia): Full support! Nice stuff! I prefer original mix, but Ex-Plosion’s remix is very good too.

Luke Terry (UK): Supporting the original. 7/10.

Tempo Giusto (Finland): Will support original.

CJ Peeton (Ireland): I will support the Ex-plosion remix.

DJ Koolz (USA): Ex-plosion version is a beatiful remix with some Euro Progressive house feel. This track will explode to the charts and will be received well, just because of the fatastic groove.

Mark Olney (Canada): Good track, will support on my radio show.

Fido X (Slovenia): Nice progression in all versions!

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Original is the best, 8/10.

Selami (USA): Ex-Plosion Remix is nice, 9/10! And also delicious remix by Trancelicious.

Bibhas (India): Very nice tracks. The original gives me a retro feel! But the Ex-Plosion remix is “totally mint”! Epic and beautiful. Supporting all 3 tracks!

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