Ex-Plosion – October’s Child

After several succesful releases Ex-Plosion is back with a very experimental trance single released on his home Soviet Recordins label. “October’s Child” is really different. Orchestral tunes and driving sounds combined together into one explosive mix. The release also includes progressive tech house remix by Alpay Sahingoez (Germany), psy-progressive version by Fido X (Slovenia), and progressive remix by Dynamic Force (Netherlands). “October’s Child” was supported by such djs as Christopher Lawrence, Judge Jules, DJ Vibe to name a few.


Christopher Lawrence (USA): Fido X remix is great!

Judge Jules (UK): Cool track!

DJ Vibe (Portugal): Original mix is the best. Thanks!

Kaeno (USA): Like the Dynamic Force remix and original club mix. Full support!

Wonderland Avenue (UK): Though the Dynamic Force mix is ok.

Mark Picchiotti (USA): It is different. I will test, hopefully the people will be into it!

Alexsed (USA): Enjoyed the radio mix very much! Also, like the original club mix and Dynamic Force remix as well:) 8/10 overall, will support.

Mark Bisson (USA): Different and very interesting.

Mark Olney (Canada): Good solid beats in the Dynamic Force remix, will support it.

Danny Oh (Malaysia): Thanks for the share. This is a nice track!.. Keep it up.

CJ Peeton (Ireland): Alpay Sahingoez remix is the best.

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